My name is Michael GUEI from ivory coast in west africa but i ran out of Africa for my dear life and iam now in malaysia .
i have a good amount of money i inherited from my late father Gen Robert guei the former presdent of ivory coast who was killed on september 19 2002 by labels in my country with my mother and other members of our familly while i was away in army school in india.
please i want to invest with you in your country , so if you will be of help with me to invest this money just call me on this telephone number here in malaysia, 0060129765961.
i deposted this money in a security company here in a Asia.
i have been wanted to invest here but , since four months now i find out that since iam a christan that this country is not for none muslim. so since iam not a muslim it is also not good for me to stay here.
it is risk free for this money is mine.
thanks once again.