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A psychiatrist in full garb. Watch out !
A psychiatrist in full garb. Watch out !

Psychiatry is a science created to preserve the order inside the

Matrix. Psychiatrists are no other thing than Matrix agents, guided

by powerful, mysterious and numinous forces. They are all powerful

and known for their telepathic abilities, their knowledge of The Force,

and their woolen vests. In fact, the strength of a psychiatrist resides

in his vest: if you strip them of their vests, they become almost

powerless and they will shrink to the size of an atom.

The other deadly weapon of the psychiatrist is the pipe.

A pipe can kill you, but very slowly, of emphisema or lung cancer.

In 1818, the eminent man of science, acteur and

full time wanker Tom Cruise declared:

 "Psychiatry is a theory created by 
some cunning and fraudulent people 
by with they can declare   a person 
to be ill without any proof. 
This method permits them to ask 
money for silly   
pretended medical treatment and to 
imprison people into hospital or lager.    
Not understandably, psychiatry 
achieved the respect of people 
and there are
 laws to   support it and to give 
psychiatrists very high powers 
(such as to 
poison people with    
their drugs even against their will and to 
imprison people)."  

However it wasn't until 1901 when

Sigmund Freud declared:

 "Tom Cruise is a kook."  

The debate ensued during the following decades.

In a very brief letter, Cruise manifested his

opposition to Freud's ideas by stating:

 "Your mom !!!"  

The debate hasn't been won yet, but although

it is not proven, it is supposed that you would

need only one psychiatrist to bring down

a whole army of Scientologists. Scientists

are not sure of the reason, but they

 would like to see it because it would be pretty cool.

Do you need a psychiatrist ? If you think you

don't it is because you do. If you think you do,

it is because you are too soft. You need therapy.

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